Biometric Attendance System

Source: Biometric Attendance System

Bio metric attendance system provided added security. This can be incredible beneficial when used in a work environment. Bio metric terminals use advanced technology to scan fingerprints.with a Bio metric Attendance system, employee attendance is accurately logged. you can prevent time theft and attendance abuse. you have the time theft and attendance abuse. you have the option to restrict access to certain rooms in your business. you can also simplify your attendance and record keeping system.if your interested in these benefits , then learn more about Bio metric attendance system.employees scan their fingerprint on the terminal. The terminal then verifies the identity of the user. This can be used to allow employees to clock in or out or you can use these terminals to restrict to access to specific rooms. Bio metric attendance system rely on multyspectral imaging.This system use Lumidigm multispectral sensors. These are the best sensors in Biometric technology. They can be accurately scan fingerprints. Biometric attendance systems can be used alone or with additional options. you can add inputs methods to further increase the security.This includes PIN entry,key fobes, ID badges,swipe cards.This is the most secure system for tracking time and attendance.

Biometric attendance system


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