IP Power Controller | Dthree Solutions Bahrain

IP Power Controller

IP Power Controller Dthree SolutionsTry to imaging that your home is cool in summer or worm in winter when you get home, You  set up with the internet for  few hours to go home. If  you are in foreign , you can turn on the lights or sound box on the Internet to scare away the thieves. Browsing on Internet has  already becomes a daily habit of the modern people. Now you can control the household appliances, entrance guard and lights of you home through the network anyplace in the world. When you want to remote control the switch through the Internet, This set of power control module through the Internet is an economic solution to satisfy your needs, No need specific Software for computer systems, Even no need to open the case of computer. If only you have a computer connected to network (Internet or Ethernet), you can operate the power switch. It has 4 sets of delay switcher, two sets are normal open, and two sets are normal close. It can be used in controlling electrical equipment’s, such as a small automatic factory in your home. You can do it through the network and no longer need to rush from one place to the other, saving a lot of time and money for you.

 IP Power Controller | Dthree Solutions Bahrain


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