Interpretation on Biometric Access Control System

Source: Interpretation on Biometric Access Control System

biometric access control systemBiometric access control system helps in limiting access to a physical or virtual resource. It is a way by which users are granted access and privileges to systems, information.  Here authentication is done by the uniqueness of humans. We can see that there are many types of biometric access control systems which are broadly divided on the basis of behavioral and physiological characteristics of human beings.

Types of Biometric Access Control System

1.  Finger Print Recognition:  It takes fingerprint image of a person and checks for the matching. Matching can be obtained in three ways. They are minutiae, correlation, and ridge.

2. Face Recognition: This system works by printing and analyzing 80 nodal points of the face.

3. Iris Recognition: It identifies the region of ring-shaped surrounded the pupil of the eye.

4. Voice Recognition: Here speech patterns are produced by combining physiological and behavioral factors.

5. Signature Recognition:  It is used to measure and analyze the physical activity like signing.

6. Finger Vein Reader: It captures the image of vein patterns.

7. Multi-biometric Reader:  They read a number of different biometrics.

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