Fingerprint And Web Based Time Attendance System | Bahrain

Source: Fingerprint And Web Based Time Attendance System | Bahrain

The Purpose of Fingerprint and web based Time Attendance system is to know when the employees start work and stop work. It also provide some advance benefits to the organization as this system notice the late coming of the employees, Early departure of the employees, Time taken on breaks, Avoid transcription error, interpretation error and Intentional error. The major benefit of this system is it stands as the proof of attendance. If you want to Install this valuable product click the above link.

Fingerprint Attendance Devices System with Biometric Access Control

finger print access control systemFingerprint time attendance devices system with biometric access control is a fledged protection system. If the devices is along with WiFi and battery backup features, it really rocks. The log in and log out times of your employees are recorded automatically. It also enables to prevent unauthorized entries, trespass to your office and workplace. The device can store more than 3,000 fingerprint templates. It can record more than 1,00,000 transaction records with memory. The battery backup feature will definitely help to avoid any data los due to power failure. If you use Fingerprint time attendance machines by D3 – Digital Data Dimensions, you utilize many options of it.



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